MAG-10 Cheat Fast

36-Hour Physique Transformation Breakthrough


The Universal Problem

You could be your own worst enemy when it comes to losing fat and gaining muscle, but not for the reason you might be thinking...

Because if you're like most lifters, you've looked at fat loss and muscle gain as two separate and very different strategies. As a result, you've mistakenly programmed your body to function as a very efficient fat-storage machine that's resistant to building muscle.

Your metabolism is sluggish, fat cells are constipated and hold on to their gooey globs of lipids, and muscle-cell receptors are resistant to pulling in nutrients for growing.

Hey, this is a universal problem that happens at every level of weightlifting. If we're brutally honest with ourselves, most of us would have to admit that we're oscillating, like a giant, slow-moving pendulum, between "chubby-strong" and "skinny-fat."

It's absolutely true.

Guys who are on a "bulking phase" typically are adding a lot of the mass as lard. Most of the strength gains are from neurological adaptations, and the size comes mostly in the form of edema and fat.

You end up not more muscular, but a little stronger and a lot softer and puffier.

Well... Admit it. Stop doing that. And fix it.

That's exactly what the MAG-10 Pulse-Fast Strategy does fixes your body-building problems and keeps them fixed.

Muscle-building magic is not in a pill, it's in your body.

You just need to know how to turn it on.

The MAG-10 Pulse Fast

It's really exciting... we're seeing potent thermogenic effects combined with enhanced anabolic activity in muscle all from a single strategy.

According to Christian Thibaudeau, "it might be the only TRUE breakthrough in the world of high-performance nutrition in the past 20 years."

Christian's referring to a certain powerful metabolic effect that occurs from pulse-dosing MAG-10 over an extended period. Essentially, extended MAG-10 pulsing is the nutritional strategy we've been using to hold onto muscle mass while shredding-up competitive bodybuilders.

Thing is, we got a lot more than we expected not only did we produce a profound anabolic response, we also produced a powerful thermogenic effect, as well.

Even more impressive shocking actually is that we witnessed greater rates of muscle gain and fat loss than when either fat loss or ;muscle building are done separately.

Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss believes we're resetting the fat cell's hormone-release pattern to induce an anabolic metabolism that's fueled by the body's own fat stores, which is where we get the term thermo-anabolic.

Fasting over a 36-hour period, while pulsing with doses of MAG-10, enhances insulin sensitivity in both muscle and fat cells. Due to the fasting state, the loaded MAG-10 formula hits the bloodstream super fast and sends what amounts to an anabolic shockwave right into the muscle. At the same time, fat cells are signaled to release their contents for fuel.

As the body responds to this pulse-fast strategy, muscle cells become increasingly sensitive to the anabolic formula of MAG-10, fat cells shrink, and the systemic urge to eat is reduced.

In essence, we're reprogramming the body to function as an easy gainer the physique begins to automatically morph into that muscular-lean look of a bodybuilder.

Even though it's technically complex, a MAG-10 Pulse Fast is pretty simple and painless to do. It only takes 36 hours, 16 of which you'll be sleeping, and you'll be on your way to being an easy-gainer.

The Basics

1) First Step Stop eating by 9:00 pm the night prior to the MAG-10 Pulse Fast, and consume nothing but water until the next morning when you drink your first pulse.

2) The Pulse Fast Period From 7:00 am until 9:00 pm (14 hours), consume only MAG-10 pulses, water between pulses, and Alpha-GPC. After 9:00 pm, consume nothing but water until awaking the next morning when you'll resume eating your usual diet.

Hopefully, you'll be following a good dietary strategy. If not, find one that best fits your goals, and begin moving that direction.

3) Number of Pulse Fasts Per Week One or two pulse fasts per week is all that's required. If you choose to do two, make sure there's at least one day in-between. We've found the two best days of the week are Mondays and Thursdays.


Don't get hung up on precise timing. Just follow these simple rules and you'll get the maximum benefits from a MAG-10® Pulse Fast:

1) Timing Make sure there is at least one hour and no more than three hours between pulses. The only exception to this rule is peri-workout timing (see below).

2) Workout Period When working out, you want to take full advantage of the enhanced physiologic state induced from training. This is when your body is sucking nutrients right into muscle and it's why we recommend pulsing three times around the workout:

  • Immediately prior to training
  • Mid workout
  • Immediately after training

If you want to really enhance effects and take ANACONDA, simply add two scoops to the mixture when preparing Bottle 2.

3) Pulses Per Day As a general rule, pulse a minimum of 8 times on non-workout days and 10 times on workout days.


Think Carryover Effect

MAG-10® Pulse Fasts are designed not to simply dump fat off the body, but to do something much more powerful – to jumpstart your body into easy-gainer mode, and to eventually keep it there.

So don't fixate so much on what happens the day of the pulse fast, but instead, notice what occurs over a three-day period. In other words, as long as you stay active, and follow a good dietary strategy, there's a powerful carryover effect that lasts for several days.

As soon as the effects taper, or shortly thereafter, hit another pulse fast. Typically, this means you'll be on a pulse fast once or twice per week.

The Day of the Pulse Fast

The day you pulse fast, you will lose 2 or 3 pounds of weight (and as much as 4 or 5 pounds), coming mostly from fat and water. But the real benefit from thermo-anabolic metabolism occurs in the two days after the pulse fast, when your body is extra sensitive to building muscle and burning fat.

The Few Days After

Coming off a pulse fast the body is primed to suck nutrients into muscle and to not store body fat. So take full advantage of this enhanced physiology by following effective dietary and training strategies, and really load up on the peri-workout nutrients.

This is especially true for the first day after the pulse fast, where you'll get a profound rebound effect. To really take advantage of the effect, you'll want to increase training volume, and if you can do it, train twice that day. You'll also want to use extra ANACONDA, MAG-10, and Workout Fuel each time you train.


Again, the overall goal is to get your body as muscular and lean as possible, and keep it there! All you have to do is get your body's physiology to cooperate.

The MAG-10 Pulse Fast produces the thermo-anabolic physiology that begins to morph the body into the muscular-lean look of a bodybuilder.

All you have to do is, allow it to happen.

MAG-10® Pulse Fast


MAG-10® BOTTLE 1 (2,000 ml)
7 am Pulse
8 am GPC
9 am Pulse
10 am  
11 am Pulse
12 pm  
1 pm Pulse
2 pm  
3 pm Pulse
MAG-10® BOTTLE 2 (2,000 ml)
4 pm GPC
5 pm Workout
3 Pulses
(Pre, Mid, Post)
6 pm  
7 pm Pulse
8 pm  
9 pm Pulse

Drink Preparation

MAG-10® 5 scoops
Power Drive® 4 scoops
Cold water 2,000 ml
Pulse (dose) 400 ml
Pulses / bottle 5
MAG-10® 5 scoops
ANACONDA® 2 scoops (optional)
Cold water 2,000 ml
Pulse (dose) 400 ml
Pulses / bottle 5

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