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Take BCAA Between Meals

Branched chain amino acids are staple supplement for bodybuilders, with research showing they can stimulate muscle protein synthesis while reducing muscle breakdown and even fatigue. Although BCAAs are most commonly used around the workout, they have another use which most people don't know about.

Based on new research, using BCAA with a small amount of carbs between meals can keep you growing all day, every day.

While this may sound odd, research has shown that muscle protein synthesis–the key biological driver in the body–spikes up with any protein-based meal, but drops back down at 2-3 hours afterwards. Based on this, research has shown that a small dose of BCAA and carbs can re-stimulate muscle protein synthesis just when it would normally decline.

How to Do It

This is very easy to do. Simply take around 10 grams of BCAA with 10-20 grams of carbs. This could be done with powdered BCAA and a piece of fruit, or just one serving of Mag-10®.

Here's a visual from the study:

Amino Acid Chart

This mini-dose can prolong the effects of the previous meal, keeping those amino acids flowing until your next full high-protein meal.

Sample Daily Plan

  • 6 AM: Meal 1
  • 8 AM: BCAA & Carb Snack
  • 10 AM:  Meal 2
  • 12 PM:  BCAA & Carb Snack
  • 2 PM: Meal 3
  • 4 PM: BCAA & Carb Snack
  • 6 PM: Meal 4
  • 8 PM: BCAA & Carb Snack
  • Pre-bed: Protein shake


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