Tip: Spot Reduction That Works

Yes, it can work with the right type of training. The effect is small, but if you're fine-tuning your physique it'll make a noticeable visual difference.


Targeted Fat Loss Mobilization Training

Despite what every personal trainer on planet earth seems to be saying, you CAN increase fat loss in specific stubborn areas. The keys to making it work?

Well, first you've got to already be fairly lean, otherwise you won't notice a difference. You've got to create a caloric deficit, and you need to follow a specific targeted fat mobilizing training plan.

The reason it works? Blood flow. You need to direct blood flow to stubborn fat stores if you want to increase catecholamine activity and break down fatty acids. If you can increase blood flow to those fat areas during your training, you can get the fat up and out.

So How Do You Do It?

Here's the formula: Alternate an exercise hitting your stubborn area like your abs for 45-60 seconds with a high intensity exercise like sprints for 30-45 seconds.

At its core, targeted fat-loss mobilization training is a simple concept: Blood flow is to fat stores what water is to the Wicked Witch of the West. Increase blood flow to stubborn areas through targeted training, accelerate the mobilization of stored fuel with high intensity cardio, and watch trouble spots start to shrink.

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