Alpha Male FAQ

Are the Alpha Male tablets vegan?

We use no animal products in manufacturing the Alpha Male formula and tablets.

Can I take more than the recommended dose?

We recommend not taking more than what the label recommends (1-2 tablets twice per day). Our dosing guidelines are based on research and longtime experience, and they work.

Is it okay to take the tablets with coffee?

Sure, coffee will not interfere with the effects.

Can I take an Alpha Male dose with food?

We recommend taking doses on an empty stomach to achieve the fastest uptake into the body. Taking the tablets with food might slow down the absorption time a little, but it won't lessen the overall effects.

Does bodyweight affect the dosing?

No, a person's size does not affect the dosing. The Alpha Male formula stimulates and supports your body's natural hormone production to achieve optimal blood concentrations, which aren't body-weight dependent.