Building Better Bodies

T NATION is obsessed with building better bodies through enhanced physiology and advanced training.

We’re science-based thinkers who publish the most current information for optimizing the body’s hormonal balance, metabolic rate, and response to exercise and movement. We pride ourselves on knowing all the best training systems well enough to teach and improve their most-advanced levels.

T NATION also formulates elite-level supplements under the BIOTEST® brand to support the goals of the programs we publish and the athletes and lifters we train. Our client list isn’t made public, but it’s widely known we supplied the sports nutrition that fueled Bradley Cooper’s 39-pound transformation into the beefy Chris Kyle role in American Sniper and Matt Damon’s super-shredded body development for the Jason Bourne character.

The Ultimate Body-Development Experience

T NATION+ is where we post our premium, most-advanced long-form content and hold our deepest and completely open discussions.

Our only restrictions are accuracy and honesty. It’s a reserved space where privacy is supreme, lurkers aren’t allowed, and search engines can’t index pages. It’s a members-only hangout for people like us who are seriously committed to building a better body.

So if you want in, you can join us, but we charge a nominal $7.50 monthly fee (25¢ a day) to help support T NATION and limit membership to only the most committed.

On behalf of our leadership and member coaches, we hope to see you there!

Tim Patterson, Founder, Formulator & CEO
TC Luoma, Chief Science Officer
Chris Shugart, Chief Content Officer
Christian Thibaudeau, Chief of Strength & Conditioning