Metabolic Drive Ingredients

Whey Isolate (Hormone Free) – Fast-Acting

Metabolic Drive Whey Protein Isolate

The formula's whey isolate is gently membrane filtered to minimize lactose, carbohydrate, and fat, then instantized for superior dispersibility. It's an excellent source of essential amino acids and one of the faster-acting proteins, making it ideal for jumpstarting the muscle-building process.

Micellar Casein (Hormone Free) – Ideal for Building Muscle

Metabolic Drive Micellar Casein

The formula's micellar casein is also gently membrane filtered. Even though it's more slowly digested, it has a distinct advantage over whey isolate due to its superior ability to increase nitrogen retention. Increased nitrogen retention is essential for muscle performance and makes micellar casein the ideal muscle-building protein.