Theophilus J. Barnett


1848-1917 (69 Years)

Theophilus J. Barnett Circa 1870

Theophilus J. Barnett (1848-1917) was born in Kentucky to Robert T. and Alice Ann (Highley) Barnett. Sometime before 1860, Theophilus and his siblings were orphaned and sent to live with various relatives in Missouri and Kansas. At 13 years old, Theophilus found himself living with his cousin Leroy Highley, in Doniphan County, Kansas. At age 22, he was still in the Highley household, listed as a farm laborer on the 1870 Federal Census.

1870 Census

Military Service

In 1868/1869, Theophilus served as a private in the 19th Kansas Cavalry, a volunteer regiment mustered for a six-month term in response to hostilities with the Plains Indians.

Surviving Soldiers

Amazonia, Missouri: "Garden Spot of the World"

By 1883, Theophilus was earning a good living as a farmer in Amazonia, Missouri. He sent a letter to his sister and her husband (Anna and Martillus Moore - both buried at Greenwick) inviting them to join him in Amazonia. He wrote that he had a farm rented for the next year and he could find them a place to rent for one third of the crop. He offered to send them money and furnish them with a team of horses. He described Amazonia as the "garden spot of the world.”

Letter to Anna and Martillus Moore


On Sept. 18, 1884 Theophilus Barnett and Isabelle Seabolt (1862-1943) obtained a marriage license in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Isabelle Seabolt Circa 1900

Constable and Butcher

Theophilus was appointed Constable of Lincoln Township in 1887. He was elected and served multiple terms up until 1913. During the early 1900s, Theophilus operated a meat market/butcher shop in Amazonia.

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Theophilus died from cancer of the face at age 69, buried at Greenwick.

Theophilus Obituary
Theophilus Death Certificate

Isabelle died at age 80, buried at Greenwick. Her granite gravestone was ordered 5 years after her death by her sister, Mrs. J.T. (Blanche) Burton. The purchase price from Missouri Granite was $50.00.

Gravestone and Purchase Receipt
Isabelle's Death Notice


Theophilus and Isabelle Barnett had three children:

Royal Leslie (1885-1956), married and divorced from Effie Mae Morgan, buried at Greenwick (no gravestone).

Royal Leslie Barnett Circa 1900
Royal Barnett Death Notice
Royal Barnett Grave Marker
Divorce Notice

Ruby V. (1894-1895), buried at Greenwick, story unknown.

Hazel Irene (1897-1925), married to William Dell, died of tuberculosis in Colorado, buried at Greenwick (no gravestone).

Hazel Irene Barnett Obituary
Hazel Irene Barnett Grave Marker