Velocity Diet FAQ

Should I jump right into the V-Diet?

It's up to you. Personally, I had a "going out with a bang" buffet dinner the day before I started the V-Diet, but that's not best for everyone. Some like to lower their carbohydrate intake a week before they start the strict V-Diet. They feel this makes the transition to the V-Diet easier. Others begin their V-Diet experience with the "Velocity Diet Lite." This is simply having a Low-Carb Metabolic Drive shake for breakfast and another as the last meal of the day. The midday meals and snacks are all solid. It looks like this:

  1. Meal: Low-Carb Metabolic Drive shake
  2. Meal: Healthy solid meal
  3. Meal: Healthy snack
  4. Meal: Healthy solid meal
  5. Meal: Low-Carb Metabolic Drive shake

This isn't necessary though, and a lot depends on your previous eating habits. If you're already eating healthy food most of the time, the transition into the V-Diet will be easier.

Isn't this just a crazy starvation diet?

That's a common question from those who haven't read much about the Velocity Diet, and V-Dieters themselves are sometimes faced with this question from coworkers or family members. Here's the scoop. The V-Diet:
  • Provides four to six meals per day. You're eating a few hundred calories every three hours or so. That's hardly "starving."
  • Has more calories than most popular and widely accepted diet plans, ranging from those based on clinical weight-loss programs to the canned-drink plans advertised on TV.
  • Provides over a gram of protein per pound of body weight (except for obese individuals, of course).
  • Provides more healthy fats, especially omega-3s, than the average non-dieter consumes.
  • Provides more fiber than the average non-dieter consumes.

Will you be hungry at first?

Probably. It's a fat-loss diet, and you need some willpower. But there is no "starving" or malnourishment.

Can I have coffee, tea, or diet soda on this diet?

Sure, coffee and tea are fine. Just remember, no sugar and no cream.

Isn't this diet expensive?

Not at all. While you have to buy supplements for the diet, remember that your grocery bill will all but disappear. Many people note that the 28 days on the V-Diet is cheaper than eating solid food for the same period, especially if you're usually consuming fast food or restaurant meals. There's also no alcohol allowed on the V-Diet, so depending on your drinking habits, you may be saving money there as well. Also, keep in mind that the typical V-Diet shake costs less than one of those fancy coffee drinks at Starbucks.

Can I skip the solid weekly meal to get even faster results?

No. This healthy solid meal is vital to the success of the diet for two main reasons:

  1. It helps you stick to the diet. If you have a weak moment on Thursday, it's much easier to tough it out if you know you have a good meal coming on Saturday. Likewise, this healthy meal will help "steel your will" and make the next week that much easier to tackle. One solid meal per week also makes social occasions easier to deal with: dates, business meeting, and holidays can be counted as your weekly solid meal. Just remember, this needs to be a healthy meal; it's not a "cheat" meal.
  2. The solid meal is crucial in helping re-train your body and brain. By looking forward to the solid meals, you'll teach yourself to like healthier foods like grilled chicken, steamed veggies, and salads. This will balance the "cold turkey" effects of avoiding unhealthy foods, and you'll come off the diet with a whole new set of taste buds. The meal also teaches you what many experts call "mindful eating," which is key to long-term leanness. Those who eat unhealthy foods during their weekly HSM, or who skip the HSM altogether, get less spectacular results. They also won't experience the long-term taste-preference changes that make the V-Diet so powerful.

Can I do the V-Diet for more than 28 days?

No. But you may do another V-Diet four to six weeks after you finish the two-week Transition phase.

What other supplements can I take while on the V-Diet?

Here's a list of some approved, but strictly optional, supplements:

  • I-Well Immune Support
  • P-Well Prostate/Urinary Tract Support
  • ElitePro Minerals

Can I participate in sports or other physical activities while on the V-Diet?

For best results, spend your time on the V-Diet focused intensely on the V-Diet. Don't spread yourself too thin. You want to have plenty of energy for the V-Diet workouts. Intense activities and sports are best avoided while on the V-Diet. Less intense hobbies — a bike ride or light hike with the family, for example — are fine. You can skip the NEPA walk on those days.