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ElitePro™ minerals fill your nutritional gaps. Our minerals are fully chelated, ensuring hardcore athletes have the energy systems, protein synthesis, hormone production, bone density, insulin sensitivity, and blood-sugar management required for elite-level performance. The formula includes five key minerals – magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium, and vanadium – assuring your mineral-supported biology is optimized and running at full speed.*

Fully Chelated for Best Absorption*

Elitepro Benefit

Supports Natural
Testosterone Production*

Elitepro Benefit

Optimizes Protein

Elitepro Benefit

Fortifies Health
& Key Minerals*

  • Supports natural testosterone production*
  • Replaces key mineral deficiencies caused from the most brutal training and competition*
  • Is fully chelated for maximum absorption*
  • Supports protein synthesis (a series of chemical reactions that form the basis of muscle building)*
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels and insulin*

Athletes and lifters lose vital minerals through sweat and exercise, especially intense weight training. One intense workout can deplete magnesium levels for up to 18 days. Similar effects can occur with zinc and other crucial minerals.

ElitePro™ Minerals, as the name implies, is designed for elite and professional-level athletes. These athletes perform at the edge of genetic limitations, and their bodies require highly advanced mineral replenishment to function optimally.*

Organ and energy systems, immune function, and anabolic hormone levels depend upon maintaining optimal levels of certain minerals. ElitePro™ Minerals is the only formula in the world designed specifically to support these ideal levels.*


Chromium is a trace mineral that helps you use carbohydrates for energy, improving athletic performance while slimming down your waistline.* Learn More


Magnesium plays a role in over 300 biochemical reactions and is crucial to energy production, protein synthesis, and insulin metabolism.* Learn More


Selenium is a trace mineral famous for being a powerful antioxidant and its ability to increase the telomere length of human leukocytes, thereby making it a legitimate longevity supplement.* Learn More


Vanadium, a trace mineral, is a known "insulin mimetic," which means it copies some of the effects of insulin and aids in carbohydrate metabolism.* Learn More


Zinc, an essential mineral, plays a pivotal role in producing and regulating several hormones, including testosterone, and it fortifies the immune system.* Learn More


Servings Size 4 Tablets
Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

Magnesium (as glycinate chelate) 400 mg 95%†

Zinc (as arginate chelate) 30 mg 273%†

Selenium (as glycinate complex) 200 mcg 364%†

Chromium (as nicotinate-glycinate chelate) 200 mcg 571%†

Vanadium (as nicotinate-glycinate chelate) 100 mcg

† Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
‡ Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (for coating).

  • Take 4 tablets once per day at bedtime.

What happens if I'm mineral deficient?

In short, a deficiency in these five minerals can lead to suboptimal testosterone levels, disappointing results in training, fatigue, and difficulty losing body fat or staying lean.*

ElitePro™ minerals contain the highest quality, most easily absorbed forms of these minerals, ensuring that your body has what it needs for high-level performance.*

What makes ElitePro minerals "elite"?

NFL players are required to supplement with vitamins and minerals. Tim Ziegenfuss, a PhD in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition, works with a lot of these players, providing them with dietary protocols. But a few years ago he had a problem. He knew that average store-bought mineral supplements weren't designed for the elite athlete's needs, and he knew that most of these formulations just didn't work well.

Dr. Ziegenfuss asked Biotest to come up with a designer formulation using only the highest quality minerals that the body can actually absorb and put to work.

Biotest utilized the ultimate mineral research group and manufacturer, Albion Labs, to make the world's best mineral supplement. Albion's patented technology produces totally reacted amino-acid chelates. This means that each mineral atom is double-bonded to an amino-acid molecule, thereby making an amino-acid chelate that's not only small enough to pass through the intestine, but small enough to be transported right into the cell itself.*

Mineral formulations that aren't chelated are problematic. At worst, they're not absorbed. At best, they're nominally utilized because the majority of the foods we eat have chemicals in them that inhibit their absorption. But because of the chelation process, it doesn't matter if you take ElitePro Minerals with food or without food. However, we recommend taking the formulation at night because magnesium has a mild sleep-inducing effect.

The ElitePro formula ensures that hardcore athletes have energy systems, protein synthesis, hormone production, bone density, and insulin and blood-sugar management required for elite-level performance. You can know for certain that all your mineral-supported biological functions are optimized and running at full speed.*

How do you know your minerals are fully chelated?

The amino-acid chelates used in ElitePro Minerals have been tested by the following methods:*

  • X-Ray Diffraction
  • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometry
  • Infrared Spectrometry
  • Fourier-Transformed Infrared Spectrometry

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Korwin R.
United States United States

Took time

It took about a month and a half before I felt anything. I'm guessing that I was very low at least in a couple of these minerals ( Las Vegas heat , outside job & train in my garage) because when everything kicked in, WOW! Suddenly my strength started to go up and then my waist started shrinking. Nothing about my training or diet changed. I absolutely love this product.

Gary G.
United States United States

Great supplement

Used as recommended at bedtime. Promotes deep sleep and I wake up rested with more energy

Vance Y.
Canada Canada

Part of my staple supplements

These have been my go to mineral supplement for years. I like the formulation. Can't find anything similar in Canada.

United States United States

Weight training recovery

It's what my body needed for recovery and good sleep. I'm 46 yrs old and this really helps.

United States United States

Provides all you need in 3 simple doses

Excellent. Easy to swallow

Jaime S.
United States United States

Since forever...

I have been using Biotest stuff since the llaye 90's... Everything Tim created i use it. Today all products are second to none. To bad we have entered in a new dark ages of sciences and research. Its look like anyone are coming up with something reallt new and bacjed by science. You guy are the last stand on that field....

Tracy W.
United States United States

The Best

I can feel the difference.

James O.
United States United States

ElitePro Minerals

My wife and I both use ElitePro it has had specific benefits increasing our immune systems, relieving restless leg syndrome, and increasing insulin sensitivity. We love this item.

United States United States

A Good Product

Contains all essential minerals. Easy to take.

Clinton M.
United States United States

reduce cramps

This, taken sometimes with training, but especially at night, has reduced my nighttime cramping significantly.

Ronald L.
United States United States

Helps with sleep

I’ve been sleeping noticeably sounder since taking this product.I’m not sure how taking this has or hasn’t helped with any gains or workout enhancement.

Kenneth W.
United States United States


I have been using Elitepro for several years now and I absolutely believe that it is critically important part of my daily regimen. I am 58 years old and I am still able to recover quickly after my workouts. It has also boosted my immune system as I am rarely sick. I am a lifetime drug free lifter and a true believer in Biotest supplements. At a body weight of 245, by the grace of God, I am still able to bench press over 500 lbs. After I have my left hip replaced, I will continue to squat and deadlift as well. Biotest supplements are quite simply the best on the market! Thank you very much for your outstanding quality supplements and customer service, Biotest!!!

United States United States

Good supplement

Provides a good portion of daily mineral requirements

Timothy H.
United States United States

What your body needs.

Have felt healthier since starting this supplement. Feels smoother in the gym. Give it a try for a month. You wont be disappointed.

Christopher G.
United States United States

Top notch product

As good as it gets

United States United States

All in One Works Better

Been visiting the Iron Church for over 30 years, fairly large, think NFL Linebacker size. So I sweat a lot, both with morning cardio and after work body building. If you take this product with your evening meal, you will get fair absorption and replenish the magnesium and zinc and such that you lose every day with high intensity work outs. Of course I'm no expert, but I feel like this helps me keep hitting the workouts every day. Lastly, instead of buying all the minerals individually this just helps to keep it simple and keep on training.

Dale W.
United States United States

Elite Minerals

I was lacking minerals in my daily intake. So after 1 year into my program (lifestyle) I started using Elite Minerals, Whoa about 1-2 weeks after taking product my recovery, strength when up significantly. Highly recommend.

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