Metabolic Velocity and Protein Preloading

Metabolic Velocity and Protein Preloading

Metabolic Velocity and Protein Preloading

Ask 100 people in the gym about their goals and 95 of them will tell you they want more muscle and less body fat... and the other five are lying.

Favorably shifting your body composition involves three things:

  1. Lifting challenging weights.
  2. Eating more protein.
  3. Either eating slightly fewer daily calories (roughly 300) or expending more calories through training or extra daily movement.

The goal is create a trend: signaling your body to build or preserve muscle while getting rid of excess body fat.

One time-tested strategy takes care of numbers 2 and 3: protein pre-loading.

What is Protein Pre-Loading?

It can work two different ways:

  1. At a given meal, eat the protein portion first, then fat, then carbs. This is called meal sequencing.
  2. Eat about 20 grams of protein 20-30 minutes before solid meals.

In studies, both methods lead to fat loss, hunger control, and improved metabolic functions, like blood sugar control. Of the two, we prefer to pre-load by consuming protein 20-30 minutes before meals. It's easier, more practical with one-pot meals, and we like to pick around our plates.

How to Do It

It's easy. Just have one scoop of MD protein before every big meal of the day. If that's three meals per day, you'll reap all the benefits of a high-protein diet by adding 66 grams of daily protein, control caloric intake during meals, and trigger several positive metabolic functions leading to improved body composition.

If you're using the Metabolic Velocity protein-based eating strategy, instead of having two 2-scoop shakes per day, divide those into 1-scoop shakes:

  • 1 scoop of MD 20-30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • 1 scoop as a "snack" before bed or whenever you need it.

Make it a habit. Improved metabolic function and body composition are right around the corner.