Velocity Diet® Kit
Velocity Diet® Kit
Velocity Diet® Kit
Velocity Diet® Kit
Velocity Diet® Kit
Velocity Diet 4.0

Velocity Diet® Kit

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Velocity Diet Plan

Velocity Diet 4.0

Here’s What You Need to Know

The Velocity Diet is a 28-day state-of-the-art strategy that uses daily protein pulses to stimulate protein synthesis and boost protein uptake, utilization, and metabolic rate. The goal is to lose body fat while building muscle at the fastest, healthiest rate.

Most importantly, the Velocity Diet is doable and the results sustainable.

Here’s What’s Involved

  1. Protein Pulses: You consume four fortified fat-burning protein-pulsing shakes daily as the core of the plan, one at breakfast, lunch, midday, and bedtime.
  2. Healthy Solid Meal: You have a daily healthy whole-food evening meal.
  3. Critical Supplements: You also take three other caffeine-free supplements that provide omega-3 fatty acids (Flameout), whole-food extracts of berries, fruits, vegetables, and greens (Superfood), and an ingredient that inhibits fat storage (Micellar Curcumin).
  4. Cold-Water Pulses: You drink eight 8-ounce glasses of cold water to help the body function optimally for fat loss and muscle gain.
  5. Power Walks and Activities: You go on one power walk a day and opt for a more physical life where ever possible (taking the stairs, parking farther away, packing groceries, etc.).
  6. Mindful Eating: You’re taught mindful eating techniques that make your food taste better and reduce and eliminate cravings.
  7. Recovery Sleep and Rest: You’re encouraged to sleep nine hours or longer each night for optimal hormone regulation and accelerated body-composition changes.
  8. Fine-Tuning the Plan: You’ll learn how to customize the Velocity Diet to fit your personal needs better.
  9. Expert Online Coaching: Chris Shugart, Tim Patterson, Ellington Darden, Christian Thibaudeau, and Velocity Member coaches are online to ensure you experience the most from the Velocity Diet. We’ll look over your logs and make suggestions and answer your questions.
  10. Your Velocity Diet Log: This is where you post your daily experience and progress photos and record your weight and measurements.

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